Do you want to learn how to make stroopwafels ?
The delicious Dutch Caramel cookies ?
We teach you all the inns and outs of the stroopwafelbusiness.
Whatever country you want to start your business.

Stroopwafel workshop
We welcome you at 09.30 at our stroopwafelacademy.
Coffee Tea? What are your plans, and how can i help you best.
In this workshop we teach you:
How to work with the dough
How to work with the stroop
How does the techniques work
Temperatures versus timing
Where to buy the ground materials and equipment
The workshop ends around 15.30
The costst of this workshop is 295
Every extra student is + 99

Masterclass Stroopwafels entrepreneur
A one day intensive training
We welcome you at our academy at around 09.30
First we have a meeting with coffee, tea, a stroopwafel and an introduction of ourselves. Who are you, and what are your plans, where and how,
so i can determinate how to help you best.

First, we teach you all the secrets of the dough recipe,
and how to make it your own signature.
we will make 3 varieties of the dough.
Stroop – How to make stroop yourself
and how to influence the taste, viscosity colour, etc.
Techniques of baking, and cutting the cookies
What is your ultimate stroopwafel recipe.
Storage, packaging, transport, private label,
How to sell more, who is your ultimate client and where to find.
The day ends with your business plan, marketing, social media, finance, pricing,
mindset, goals and opportunities.
Working solo or with employees ?

Every day is different with every student, so maybe we are done at 16.00
or maybe at 20.00

The investment in your new career is 695
every extra student is + 150
Including all materials and diploma
Mentoring for 1 year is included.

How to make stroopwafels and the stroop.
The complete manual.

Everything is included,
The best recipes, the temperatures, how to bake,
techniques, and more, much much more.

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  • All prices are ex VAT
    Payment is by bank in advance or cash on the day.