Pancakes are our prime specialization.

We have developed a new pancake method called Easy-Pancakes.
Our new method is allready very succesfull in The Netherlands and in Europe.
in restaurants, lunchrooms and in foodtrucks.
Make a pancake in only one minute without any effort or heat ?
Visit our Pancake-Revolution website to learn more.

A Pancake training is allways custom build.

Every type of pancake is included.

What country will you start,
What sort of size pancake do want to sell ?
A Dutch German or English pancake are almost alike.
Crepes, blini`s or American pancakes are so different.
How about glutenfree? or organic pancakes ?

Equipment – What to choose ?
Gas electric or maybe a caroussel ?

Are you intending to open a pancake restaurant ?
Please contact us.
We love to help you to make the right choices.

Try us as a pancake consultant
We train your staff – yes, also on location – worldwide.